Presentation of the Conference lectures

Lecture 1: Donna Eden with David Feinstein

What Energy Medicine Has to Offer Energy Psychology Practitioners

The techniques and procedures of energy psychology are derived from the larger field of energy medicine. Energy medicine is an integrative approach that works with the meridians, chakras, aura, radiant circuits, and five other energy systems to promote health, healing, and vitality. Most energy psychology approaches focus on only one of these systems. Energy medicine teaches energy psychology practitioners how to increase their success by drawing upon procedures that can be easily applied and are effective with clients facing a wide variety of psychological challenges. For instance, depression is always accompanied by a condition in the energy field that involves disturbed cross-over patterns. Addressing this disturbance first prepares the body so acupoint tapping will be more effective.

Lecture 2: Dawson Church

The Once and Future Genome: How Tuning Your Thoughts Tunes Your Cells

New research shows that Energy Psychology has the power to regulate gene expression. Emotional stress produces changes in hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, upgregulating inflammation, and downregulating immunity and cell repair. By reducing stress and promoting relaxation, Energy Psychology regulates neurons, the brain, hormones, and the genome. This presentation reviews the key studies in the field, and where the ability of human beings to regulate their own gene expression will take medicine and psychology in the coming century. Just as many infectious diseases were eradicated a century ago by breakthroughs in public health, Energy Psychology now provides society with the tools to address mental illness. Widespread application of these techniques holds the potential to produce the same rapid social improvements as the eradication of infectious disease produced in the early twentieth century.

Lecture 3: Marion Blique

Discovering MatrixReimprinting

The keys explaining the power of this technique:

  • EFT, constant tapping of acupuncture points to regulate emotions, then “energetically” reimprint a new correcting experience through all sensory channels;
  • Matrix illustrates recent discoveries in neuroscience:
    • the plasticity of our brain, which constantly creates new networks and shears off others;
    • our capacity to transform our memories, as the notion of time is flexible. We work in the present, while transforming the past to build a different future;
    • the importance, for human beings, of connection with others;
    • the crucial role played by emotions in terms of information and integration;
    • the quantum notion that we receive information from and are affected by various energy fields and that these can be changed at global level (Global matrix), cellular level, and transgenerational level.

Lecture 4: Phil Mollon

A psychoanalyst embraces energy psychology

Psychoanalytic exploration will, over time, reveal layers and complexities of the nature and roots of the client’s difficulties. It is not, however, a very efficient method of resolving these. Many years ago, working in a general psychiatric service, I discovered, with dismay, that although highly trained in various approaches to psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, these methods often worsened traumatized patients’ condition. This disconcerting realization prompted me to continue searching for better ways of helping people. EMDR was an important stepping stone, and eventually I found energy psychotherapy. These methods of energy healing are precise, gentle, and effective. The body is brought into the conversation. There are many levels and complexities – and much skill is required, including that of conventional psychotherapy. The content of what is revealed remains psychoanalytic – but the physics of subtle energy adds many new perspectives.

Lecture 5: Bob Schwarz

Energy Psychology and Energy Healing. Are we at the Tipping Point?

Dr Schwarz will condense his 9 years experience as Executive Director of ACEP and the organizer of the Science of Energy Healing course into a 60-minute journey that will offer a high-level and balanced perspective of the current state of development of our field, the limits and importance of science for holistic and integrative approaches, the state of the art of the science supporting energy healing, and how to become a better teller of the story about the science of energy healing.

Lecture 6: Dondi Dahlin

The Five Elements

The Five Elements system is the world’s oldest approach for understanding personality, with roots in Chinese Medicine tracing back more than 2000 years. Chinese physicians believed that people were guided by one of five primary elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Each element has its own health, personality, behavioral, physical, and emotional strengths and challenges. Knowing your element and the element of those around you can help you predict these challenges, resolve conflicts, attract relationships that support you, and feel true compassion for yourself and others. Through intriguing stories and illuminating descriptions of the five personality types, you will have a good idea of what your element is and also what the elements are of those you care about. Once you have this knowledge, you can access powerful wisdom and clarity about human beings and begin to understand why people do the things they do.

Lecture 7: Gary Groesbeck & Donna Bach

The Awakened Mind

Awakening the Mind: Using brain wave monitoring to energetically heal and transform.

Nothing is more exciting and empowering than looking into your brain with the Mind Mirror brainwave monitor. You adjust your brainwave patterns to awaken and evolve your intelligence, awareness, and enjoyment of life. In this demonstration, using the Mind Mirror EEG, you will discover a new level of awareness, the Awakened Mind.

The inner peace and unity attained in Awakened Mind meditations provide access to clarity, creativity, insight and intuition flowing in the deepest levels of your mind. In these depths you will find profoundly healing solutions to questions, issues and challenges that help you master your mind and life.

Many people awaken through creative endeavors and various forms of meditation. Thousands of studies have shown that silent meditation is the quickest and most reliable way to stabilize attention in order to develop the mind’s full potential.

In 2016, the Mind Mirror 6 EEG system was one of the winners of the international TransTech 200 prize: « The TransTech 200 is the annual list of the key innovators, companies, researchers, makers, investors, and public policy leaders who are developing science-based research, applications, products and ideas that significantly increase mental and emotional well being. The Mind Mirror 6 EEG system is being awarded as one of the top 200 innovations of the last year. »

Breakout 1: Dawson Church

Combining Gestalt Techniques with EFT: Empty Chair Work, Dreamwork, Inner Child Work

Remember feeling tongue-tied when arguing angrily with your spouse, and your mind going blank? Then thinking of the perfect comeback—two hours later? Remember your breakup, when you felt so frustrated because your ex refused to talk to you about the issues that really mattered? Remember the “family secrets,” the taboo subjects that just weren’t talked about in your family? Remember that betrayal by a friend who afterwards refused to discuss it? Remember that loved one who died before you were able to say goodbye? Remember the “cone of silence” under which your dysfunctional family members held certain topics?

Our lives are full of unfinished conversations. This workshop combines Gestalt Therapy’s classic “empty chair work” with Energy Psychology to allow us to finish these conversations and put the past behind us. These specialized techniques release the emotional grip that unfinished business exerts on our psyches. Completing the past allows our energy to burst freely into a new and positive future!

Breakout 2: Donna Eden

The Energies of Love: “Before Your Bodies Touch, Your Energies Meet!”

Every relationship begins with the meeting of two very different energies. These energies come together and merge into a new energy field that has never before existed on the planet. This union of energies, while invisible, is a powerful force. The heart and brain are each surrounded by an electromagnetic field, with the heart’s field being some 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain’s. The heart-emotions one partner is feeling influence the other partner’s brain waves! Even deeper than psychological influences, these invisible energies determine how the partners will communicate, how they will handle their differences, and how they will love one another. This class will introduce you to these concepts through vivid demonstrations, and it will focus in particular on how the unique energy make-up of each partner can be understood for vastly improving a couple’s ability to be spontaneous, feel safe, and communicate well.

Lecture 8: Dr David Feinstein

Moments of Change: Dissecting Videotaped Tapping Sessions

An energy psychology treatment session involves hundreds of mini-transactions between the client and the practitioner. Which ones are essential for therapeutic change to occur? What are the “active ingredients” in tapping protocols? What are the essentials? And how do those essentials operate? These questions will be explored by examining vignettes from tapping sessions with a phobia and with PTSD, hitting pause at critical moments, and discussing what just occurred. It will be of interest to people with all levels of experience in energy psychology.

Breakout 3: Marion Blique

Matrix Reimprinting

Discover what MatrixReimprinting is live, with:

  • A demonstration
  • Video excerpts
  • A detailled explanation of the protocole
  • Answers to all your questions
  • Advice on possible training and how to articulate it with your patientse
  • Testimonies from therapists who apply it and the benefits they derive from it

You will discover the importance of MatrixReimprinting in the treatment of simple and complex traumas, the relationship between Matrix and the law of attraction, and how to transform our lives by profoundly changing our beliefs and by creating a different field of vibration.

You will come out of this two-hour breakout with new perspectives and possible fields of action, irrespective of the field in which you practice.

Breakout 4: Dr David Feinstein

How Tapping Changes Deep Emotional Learnings

Two questions will be addressed: 1) Does Energy Psychology change deep emotional learnings, and 2) If it does, how does it do it? An overview of existing research addresses the first question, showing that efficacy studies paint a picture of a therapeutic approach that is both effective and unusually rapid with a broad range of psychological conditions. To address the second question, the focus moves to the neurochemistry of a particularly challenging disorder, PTSD. It contrasts the biochemistry of conventional treatments with the biochemistry of treatments that involve acupoint tapping. Key concepts from learning theory and the neurochemistry of memory are introduced, and their critical roles in effective psychotherapy are explored.

Early Morning Energy Medicine Dance: Titanya Dahlin

Titanya Dahlin’s Energy Medicine Dance is a joyous healing movement based upon the energy medicine work of holistic health pioneer of her mother, Donna Eden. Set to vibrant world music, Titanya guides you as you dance out your stress by connecting to chakras, meridians and radiant circuits, manifesting more joy into your energy field. Your body will be buzzing and humming with a smile on your face for the rest of the day!

Presentation of the Workshopsfrance-flag-e1479904724552

Workshop 1: Dr David Feinstein

From Releasing the Old to Installing the New: A Refresher Course for Tapping Practitioners

Few methods for healing old emotional wounds and processing trauma, loss, or the residue of other difficult circumstances can begin to rival the speed and power of acupoint tapping protocols. Clearing and healing the past does not, however, automatically install adaptive new behaviors. Old patterns die hard. This workshop will explore both sides of the equation: completing “unfinished business” and introducing a protocol for implementing new behaviors. Designed for individuals who already know a tapping protocol, the class will be an informal exploration of your current skills, learning needs, and questions. It will be highly interactive with discussion, stage demonstrations, and practice with partners. Be thinking about a personal goal for your practice sessions.

Workshop 2: Donna Eden with David Feinstein

Energy Medicine: A Hands-On Experience

Donna Eden is known for invigorating presentations that are rich with audience participation and stunning demonstrations of simple methods for shifting the body’s energies for health and vitality. In this workshop, you will be learning techniques that leave you feeling more vibrant and energized. They have deeper benefits as well, such as enhancing your immune system, health, resilience, mental clarity, and emotional balance. The techniques can be self-applied and you can teach them to your loved ones or, if you are a health care practitioner, to your clients. You will leave the class knowing how to do a brief daily Energy Medicine Routine that will establish and maintain positive “energy habits” throughout your body. You will also learn how Energy Medicine can be used in a clinical setting where it can be combined with conventional medical treatments for addressing a wide range of health conditions.

Workshop 3: Phil Mollon

Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy

This workshop will outline the principles of psychoanalytic energy psychotherapy, showing how the psycho-energetic thought fields can be followed free-associatively. As we work at the interface of the psyche and the energy system, the important formative experiences are revealed and their emotional charge is unravelled. At the same time, we identify the precise conflicts and resistances that hold the problem in place.

The workshop will include substantial experiential elements, so that participants can learn the basis of how to use energy signalling to identify the precise sequences of meridians and chakras that underpin the client’s difficulties. Instruction will be given in how to: [1] energy test another person; [2] self-test; [3] self-test as proxy for another person; [4] self-test when working with a client remotely, by phone, skype etc.

Workshop 4: Dondi & Titanya Dahlin

The Five Elements: Wisdom from the World’s Oldest Personality Type

Do you wonder why people do what they do? Would you like to alleviate unnecessary stress in your relationships? Knowing the wisdom of the Five Elements is a key to understanding people so you can have more ease and joy in your life The Five Elements are a roadmap so you can easily navigate your way through relationships without losing yourself along the way. In this class we will delve into the elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal, provide fun exercises to balance the elements and boost energy, give tips for raising children in the Five Elements, and discuss easy ways to be able to know your element, and what element your friends, family, and co-workers are so you can get along better with anyone. If you like the Enneagrams and the Meyers-Briggs personality systems, you will LOVE the Five Elements!

Workshop 5: Gary Groesbeck & Donna Bach

The Awakened Mind

The all-day retreat opens with demonstrations and discussions of the Cade-Wise brainwave map of consciousness and how to access deep-state meditation in order to awaken and evolve the mind.

Using this introduction as a touchstone, you will be individually hooked up to the Mind Mirror 6 EEG monitor, and then be guided through meditations designed to familiarize you with the feeling of the five primary brainwave categories: gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Each meditation leads to personal discovery and systematically orchestrates the awakened mind.

At the end of the day, we review with each participant his/her brainwave computer recordings, in order to further match objective measurements to subjective experience.

Group brainwave trainings are modeled on the popular seminars led for thirty years by the late Anna Wise at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, one of the oldest, most respected, human potential centers in the world.

Maximum limit of 16 participants.

Please note: the 16-participant limit has been reached. You can still sign up, however please note that you will not be able to be connected to the EEG Mind Mirror 6, although you will take part in the full « Awakened Mind » training.

Description of the EFT training course

Dawson Church: EFT for Psychological Trauma

Neuroscience is now identifying effective new methods of trauma treatment using memory reconsolidating and extinction. This is a three-day training applying the evidence-based practices of Clinical EFT to trauma. It covers the entire curriculum of Level 1 and 2 and provides credit toward certification in either Clinical EFT or Energy Psychology. For full EFT Universe certification requirements (English) see and for full IFPEC requirements (French) see