Dear participants,

As we are approaching the 2nd European Energy Psychology Conference and associated training courses and workshops, here is a summary of key information regarding these events. Please read them carefully.


PLEASE NOTE: the training courses and workshops (EXCEPT for Dr Joe Dispenza’s workshop) will take place in DIFFERENT venues to the conference!

– WORKSHOP 1: Dr Joe Dispenza

Les Salons de l’Aveyron
17 Rue de l’Aubrac
75012 Paris

– EFT TRAINING COURSE (Hall ‘Trichaud’)
– TFT TRAINING COURSE (Hall ‘Messidor’)
6 avenue Maurice Ravel
75012 Paris

– WORKSHOP 2: Gary Groesbeck & Donna Bach
– WORKSHOP 5: Bill Bengston

Tim Hotel
Place de l’Italie
178 boulevard Vincent Auriol
75013 Paris

WORKSHOP 3: Dawson Church
WORKSHOP 4: Lissa Rankin

Anticafé Olympiades
59 rue Nationale
75013 Paris


You can find the detail of your registrations on the invoice that you received with your order confirmation email upon registration. If you did not receive your invoice, please notify us by sending us an email at



You will be given your entry pass upon arrival at the Conference and associated events (training courses and workshops). Please make sure you have ID with you when you come to the venue.

Click here to download the full programme of the Conference and associated training courses and workshops

Note that this document is available in French only, however all the information featured is available on the Conference website:

For the detailed programme of the Conference, check the “Programme” tab on this page:


A coatroom will be available on the ground floor, next to reception.



All venues (Conference, workshops and training courses) are either on the ground floor, or accessible by elevator.



There are many cafés and restaurants within a two-minute walk from the Salons de l’Aveyron, where the Conference and Dr Joe Dispenza’s workshop will take place.

For the training courses, there is a cafeteria within the CISP.

There area also many cafés and restaurants close to the other workshop venues (Tim Hotel Place d’Italie and Anticafé Olympiades).



During the Conference, training courses and workshops, kindly observe the following rules:

No filming or recording allowed. Unless instructed otherwise, you may take photos, however please do not use the flash

No luggage allowed inside the hall, please deposit any luggage in the coatroom

No smoking or vaping

During this event, it is prohibited to actively advertise, display or perform a physical demonstration of your products/services, to distribute flyers about your products/services or opportunities or to behave in a pushy or agressive manner.

For more practical information, please visit the “Other details” section of the Conference website homepage:

We look forward to welcoming you very soon!

The Quantum Way team