Two-day training course

Within the framework of the 2nd European Energy Psychology Conference

Trainer: Joanne Callahan

Dates: Thursday 24 and Friday 25 May 2018

Timetable: 08:30am–18:30pm

Venue: CISP – Room “Messidor”, 6 avenue Maurice Ravel, 75012 PARIS

Number of training hours per day: 8

Contact at Quantum Way : Liz Carey Libbrecht – 06 60 54 51 79

Creating Personal Tapping Sequences: The Diagnostic Process

During this two-day workshop we will discuss and learn the process of determining individual tapping sequences that address the presenting problem or challenges specifically. This process will be demonstrated through the practice and use of a Kinesiology Muscle Testing technique. With this method, we will learn how to identify specific toxins and neutralize them as well as how to disclose multiple levels of psychological reversal and blocks to our success and well-being. We will use reframing advanced questioning to find our deepest blocks.

Over the decades, TFT has evolved to become a dynamic healing modality addressing the physical, emotional, mental and subtle dimensions. The precision focusing of our Thought Fields and recognizing the switching of thought fields is key to greater success.

We will address the participants individual cases and questions as part of our learning process.

Course outline

Introduction and course objectives


Training Structure and Materials

Comparison of Algorithms, Causal Diagnosis and Voice Technology

Thought Field Therapy Algorithms

Algorithm Chart

Algorithm Protocol – Step by Step

Thought Field Therapy Kinesiology Muscle Testing

How we apply it to various energy systems including the meridians and Dan Tiens

Determining the most efficient treatment path

Basic Concepts and Principles for the diagnostic process

Learning the protocol (step by step process for finding a tapping sequence)

The Power Tools of TFT

Collarbone breathing – origin / sacred geometry

Nine Gamut – creating balance in the brain

Psychological Reversals – Depth and Breadth

Five levels of blocks

A simple and powerful standalone sequence for health, well-being and success

Real numbers – Real Emotions: Going from -10 to +10

Energy Toxins



Putting it all together:

Finding the best tapping sequence

Uncovering and correcting blocks

Identifying and neutralizing toxins

Resources and links

Resource library

Passive healing and polarity support tools

HRV and measures of efficacy

Review and Q & A